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  We Are Sorry For Your Loss

As you experience the death of a loved one, know that we, the staff of the Gates Catholic Community, are here to offer you our condolences and support. We are here to walk with you and pray with you. We are available for you anytime you need us.
Pastoral Associate 
 Ronald McMillan 


"Our Roots are Intertwined"

With their last breath
those we love do not say good-bye~
for love is timeless.

Instead they leave us a solemn promise
that when they are finally at rest in God,
they will continue to be present to us
whenever they are called upon.

Let us fear not, nor grieve beyond letting
go the departure of those we have greatly loved,
for in the Tree of Life their roots and ours
are forever intertwined.


Please keep in mind that readings for the Liturgy of the Word during Mass MUST be taken from the Bible. Readings from other sources could be used at the Vigil Service, Rite of Committal, on a program cover, or incorporated into memorial or thank-you cards.

Your loved one has celebrated his/her faith in the Catholic Church.  When planning a Catholic funeral, the Catholic Church sets specific guidelines that must be adhered to in order to maintain the reverence of the Mass.  When it comes to music, the texts of the songs chosen for the funeral should express the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus (Paschal Mystery) and should be related to the readings from scripture (Order of Christian Funerals 30). 

Any music that is not directly related to the Paschal Mystery or the readings from scripture is not to be used within the funeral mass.  If you would like to use music that does not fit within the funeral liturgy, it could possibly be placed at the wake service in the funeral home, at the rite of committal in the cemetery, or, if one is being held, at the luncheon following the funeral or committal.

PRE-RECORDED music should never be used within the liturgy to replace the congregation, the choir, organist, cantor or instrumentalist BUT might be acceptable at the wake service in the funeral home or the committal in the cemetery.

GUEST SINGER/MUSICIAN. If they have a good voice or are a good instrumentalist, but they are not trained and experienced as a church cantor or instrumentalist, they could sing /play one selection.  (Keep in mind that extra rehearsals would incur an additional accompanist fee.) As a thought perhaps they might contribute their musical skill at the wake service or the Rite of Committal. The use of any other singer/instrumentalist would have to be approved by the Pastoral Associate and/or Director of Music as per Diocesan guidelines.

Cremation and the Catholic Teaching-compiled by Fr. Jim Hewes

The word burial or its related derivatives (a place of remembrance, a memorial, etc.) occurs 200 times in the Old Testament and 50 times in the New Testament; such burials are mentioned like Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, John the Baptist, and Stephen. Our Lord Himself was buried in a tomb and Jesus’ resurrection of the body strengthens our belief that the human body has an eternal destiny in any form. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reflects further on burials by stating: “The Church’s reverence and care for the body grows out of a reverence and concern for the person whom the Church now commends to the care of God.… The human body is so inextricably associated with the human person that it is hard to think of a human person apart from his or her body.”  Seeing a deceased person reminds the family members of the person’s personal journey, his/her impact on relationships, how the person in a real way touched their lives, and was a “Temple of the Holy Spirit. It also helps the family’s mourning as they confront the  mystery of death in the actual presence of a loved one . . .

Click on link below: Cremation_and_Corporeal_Burial.pdf




                                             Funeral Notice

Date of death: ______________                     Date of Birth: ________________

Deceased: ____________________________________________________age:  _____

Spouse:   _______________________________________________________________

Address of Deceased: ____________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________Phone: ____________________

Funeral Home:_________________________________Phone:____________________

Calling Hours: _________________________________________________

Interment: ______________________________________________________

                  Casket _____ Cremains: _____

Date of Funeral / Time: ____________________________________________

Presider: ________________________________________________________

Funeral Assistants: _______________________________________________

Musicians: ______________________________________________________

Reception:   Yes       No


Old Testament, New Testament
and Prayers of the Faithful


To Select Readings for Funeral Mass

Click on Image For Music Selections

OPENING HYMN: ______________________________  # ____

WORDS OF REMEMBRANCE: _________________________________


FIRST READING (Choose one reading 1-11):  Page: __________ 

      Reader:  _________________________________________

PSALM SELECTION: ___________________________   # ____

SECOND READING (Choose one reading 12-24):  Page: ______                             

      Reader:  _________________________________________

 PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL Page: _______ (25-27)

      Reader(s):   ______________________________________



Name:   ____________________________________________

Name:   ____________________________________________

Name:   ____________________________________________

Name:   ____________________________________________

Presentation Hymn:  ___________________________   #____

Communion Hymn:   ___________________________   #____

Recessional Hymn: ____________________________   #____

Announce gathering at:  ______________________________
at the end of Mass?

The Loss of someone you care for is often a painful and confusing time for the family.  The following list offers ways that you can remember your loved one.

MASS INTENTION ~ Mass bookings for 2013 are now being taken.  We ask that you keep your request for intentions to one weekend mass during this time period.  There are also weekday masses available.
SANCTUARY CANDLE ~ Will burn for your intention for seven days.
HYMNALS ~ Your intention will be placed in the front of the hymnal.         
PASCHAL CANDLE ~ Used for various celebrations throughout the liturgical year. This is a one-time yearly donation beginning at Easter Vigil.      
MEMORIAL FUND ~ this fund is used to acquire
replacements or additions to enhance our liturgy.  For
example - banners, vestments, chalices, bowls and the like.

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